Electronic Claim Filing Instructions

Electronic Claim Filing is only for Institutions, Brokers and Nominees. Not for use by individual claimants.

PDF files are only acceptable for supporting documentation such as the Proof of Claim form and Authority to File. Only a completed

Excel worksheet using the File Layout will be accepted for the Transactional Data.

Please complete one Proof of Claim that will serve as an umbrella claim and release for all beneficial owners for which you are filing for. If you are an individual you can file a claim here. Please note that Crypto Wallet Address is a required field, if you file submission(s) containing a brokerage or custodian account number without a Crypto Wallet Address those claim(s) will be rejected, submissions must contain the Crypto Wallet Address.

Files that do not meet filing requirements set forth in this document and the Notice will be rejected. Review your files in detail prior to submitting.